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Spend less time looking for Files with Magic Email 🧙‍♂️

Ever wasted time looking around for that document you sent to that person that one time that you just can’t find anywhere? You swear it was right over there last time! But, oh my. That’s a lot of email to search through, you think to yourself.

Why  can’t it just be easier? Why waste time digging around digging around  your inbox? That’s exactly what we thought when building Pickle’s Magic  Email. With Magic Email, your attachments, files, emails and notes are  much easier to find.

What… Magic?

You betcha! Pickle’s Magic Email is incredibly easy to use. If you’ve ever sent an email, you can now  send a magic email. Plus, it works with every single email client on the  planet. Gmail, Outlook, that weird thing your bitcoin loving neighbor  uses? Check.

With Pickle, you’ll spend less time looking for that file. You can access the file from anywhere in the world with an  internet connection. Looking for the contract for Steve? Click on Steve  and boom — it’s right there! Every time you send a magic email,  attachments, notes, and files are saved to that contact in Pickle. So  now, when you want to find that contract you sent to Steve, you just  click on Steve in Pickle and Boom — there it is!

Pickle gives you a Magic Email Address that can be used to save notes, correspondences, and files right to  pickle. It comes with every Pickle plan including our free forever plan.

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