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The Asana Button

How companies use Pickle Buttons to get stuff done.

Imagine a world where your address book had buttons. Buttons that could do things like upgrade a customer's plan, add them to a mailing list, send them an invoice, or send them a holiday card all in one click and all from one place.

One of the coolest features in Pickle is the ability to create and add buttons to contact profiles. Pickle Buttons allow you to take the contact data and do something with it such as upgrading a plan, downgrading a plan, sending an invoice, or even creating a project in Asana!

Evolve Manufacturing receives a lot of requests for their incredible and one of a kind rock like material that can be found in places like Cabela's, Dicks Sporting Goods, American Museum of Natural History, and Disney. Their product is so realistic, that they often can't tell the difference between natural rock and their product until they lift it (theirs is significantly lighter).

As you'd expect, a company with that caliber of clients and product receives a lot of requests to build and design custom products. Various leads, estimates, and requests come in every day. They've got a lot on their plate so being efficient is top priority. This is where Pickle comes to the rescue.

The folks at Evolve Manufacturing are using a number of different products from Pickle. Their forms will send all the data into Pickle so they can easily assign and make notes of each leads, request, and correspondence that comes in. Pickle automatically creates or adds the lead to the right contact from the form, then, when viewing the contact, they see an "Add to Asana" button.

This button uses our API and Asana's API to make it dead simple to send it off to their estimator as a set of Asana tasks and project, who'll get a notification and begin estimating the project to send back to the client. Evolve Manufacturing already has a good workflow in Asana for this and adding Pickle has made the process even more efficient by bringing the client closer to the estimator. The request, the contact info, the project info, and finally the estimate — all with the click of a button.

Pickle buttons are a feature we're releasing slowly over time. If you'd like to get early access or are a developer looking to build a Pickle Button, please reach out!