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Metadata, Metadata Everywhere...

Store structured data about companies and opportunities/leads to help your business be more efficient.
Metadata, Metadata Everywhere...

Pickle has allowed you to create notes and comments since the beginning. Notes are super useful for storing both short and long blocks of text. Meeting notes, next steps, comments and thoughts are some of the ways our customers use Notes. Due to their nature of being both long and short form, and without structure they can be a little hard to grok. We'd like to introduce an alternative to Notes that we call Metadata.

Metadata is a new feature in Pickle that allows you to store structured data. It looks a bit like this:

You can add any key and value you'd like as metadata

Storing custom data has never been easier. Pickle now supports the ability to add metadata to opportunities and companies. Storing metadata in a structured format makes it easy to scan an object to learn key pieces of information while allowing you to store the most useful and relevant things. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can quickly see who the CEO of a company is and how many employees they have. You could also save any other relevant information here too, such as attempts made at capturing that roadrunner!

You can add unlimited metadata to Companies and Opportunities. We use this for our form submission integration so each form field is submitted as metadata. You can see a bit more about that here.

I hope you find this as useful as we have!