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Why you should avoid sending no-reply emails

We’ve  all seen them before. You get an email from a company about something  on your account, a message from someone, or a receipt. Maybe you have a  question or want to provide feedback, but you can’t because it comes  from a no-reply address — no one will ever see your response. This is  bad for business. All emails should be reply-able.

Many  companies are sending email from no-reply addresses. Google, LinkedIn,  PayPal, hotel chains, mortgage brokers, and so many more. They come from  an address similar to [email protected]—look familiar?

We  shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to contact the company and it  shouldn’t be impossible to reply to an email. There are only two reasons  to use no-reply emails. 1. They are being lazy and 2. They don’t want  to hear from you. At Pickle, we’re putting an end to this.

If we send you something, you should be able to reply to it.

We  love hearing from our customers — both good news and bad. Replies are  incredibly important to us. It’s how we learn, grow, and build better  relationships. You should be able to reply to any email we send to you  and it should go into our inbox.

To  make an engaging service, no-reply emails should be forbidden. Every  reply is a chance at building a relationship with a customer. We don’t  want to make people jump through hoops to contact us. You should be able  to reply to everything we do and someone here should see it.