Tools and things I use


  • I've got a pretty amazing gaming PC setup these days that pretty much is only used for just that.
  • I use a M1 MacBook Air as my personal daily driver. Might upgrade to the new M2, but honestly this thing is so good. The ports, supporting 2+ monitors, high refresh rate, and magsafe might make me upgrade to a future model.
  • Every few months I try to use Linux as my daily driver. I often go back to the Mac. I like Linux a lot, but often I want the computer to get out of my way and the Mac does this best.
  • for notes. Been using Reflect much more lately. Reflect is simple and good. I love that I can use it anywhere.
  • Pickle for a better address book. I build this and it helps me keep track of the people I've met with tags, locations, notes, and more. Been hacking on this for my own use after getting too distracted by trying to make it for everyone else. I now focus on building it for me, and others can use it :)
  • DevHomepage — built this to make it easy to keep track of all the stuff I need in a day. Pull requets, tickets, important links to docs and reference material, etc. It's just one screen with all of that. Here's the intro blog post. Another thing I built for myself, and for all onboaridng engineers. There's just so much to do when you join a company that it's impossible to keep track of!


  • neovim – it's like vim, but better. Update: I still use this, but have gone back to VSCode as my daily driver when not doing Java.
  • IntelliJ Ultimate — it's a bit clunky, but it's great for Java (at work).
  • zsh — my preferred shell. This hasn't changed.