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Who is the man in pink shaking things up?

Wearing a pink t-mobile t-shirt under his blazer and his tennis shoes, John Legere is the man shaking up the cellular network industry. He's a rebel, former AT&T employee, and not shy to saying that the industry blows and that the biggest carriers offer horseshit. He's unabatedly brash, ruthless, and awesome.

As the new CEO of T-Mobile, he's not the new kid on the block. For 10 years he was the CEO of Global Crossing, has been an executive at Dell and a chief executive for AT&T Asia.

His slight accent comes from Massachusetts, he runs in the Boston Marathon and he serves on many advisory boards.

He's a man with a plan and his plan is - in his own words - to kick the other carriers ass. He overturned the previous no tattoo no piercings rule at T-Mobile stores, removed the contract, and setup a plan where T-Mobile will pay your early termination fee to switch.

Right now, he's the man to watch, and you can do that here.