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What's New?

With a few lines of code, let your users know what's new in your app with rich update notifications.
What's New?

I wanted to share a little side project I've built called What's New.

Why I built it:

  • I build a lot of web and mobile apps and letting users know what's new is another time consuming task.
  • Most people dont notice changes in your site or app unless they're told about them.
  • It is tedius and time consuming to build something for every project/startup/app/website every single time.
  • I wanted to show that the project/app/startup has a pulse.

Current Features:

  • You'll know who's seen an update and who hasn't
  • Easily create rich Whats New updates
  • Copy/paste a simple snippet for your website and you're off. If you can add google analytics, you can add Whats New!

Here's a demo video I created showing it off. What do you think?