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Top 5 places to use the iPad

  1. During a meeting.

Take notes, view images, blueprints, or play games while everyone else sleeps (most meetings are 80% BS anyways, so why not?).

  1. iPads on a Plane!

Be sure to load it up with movies before your six-hour flight to LA. Seriously, this thing is the ultimate travel companion. Long battery life, slim profile, and entertainment galore. I can’t count the number of times I’ve opened a laptop, plopped it on the tray table in front of me (not during landing or take off, of course) and the 400-pounder hippowhale human in front of me decides to lean back past the stopping point of the airline seats (I think Newton is to blame for this).

  1. In Bed.

Whoa, Not like that! You’ve got a sick mind. I’m talking about waking up next to your precious iPad, checking the email, news, sports scores, and the daily 5 second film. (Fine, if you really want to, you can do that with your iPad too).

  1. In Class

Sure you could take notes or sleep (unfortunately I’m unable to do both), but why? Angry Birds has never been this much fun! Plus you’ll get looks from all the girls. Seriously, “OMG is that an iPad?!”

  1. The can.

Oh come on, we’ve known that Everyone Poops since we were three years old – maybe you’ve even seen the video too? Seriously, this is the ultimate place for the iPad. Surf the web, read the news, play a game or two. It beats a newspaper in every way (folding those things in half is a royal pain and sometimes we don’t need to add to the obvious). I bet you can guess when I find the time to blog.

Where’s your favorite place to use the iPad?