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Summer Sweat

summersweatlogoEvery year around April fools day students minds begin to murmur the longing for summer. It’s a time of no homework, a time to vacation and time to relax. However, when summer actually rolls around the words coming from their parents mouths are quite different.

Get A Job!

It’s as if saying these three words bring upon some magical force, placing a student into a summer job. It’s tough work. It may seem harder to find a job than it is to make pizza or fold t-shirts. Maybe you drive around taking the door to door approach and only stopping when you’re exhausted or have exhausted your resources. No matter what the situation is, there’s no easy way to find a summer job.

Behold, Summer Sweat!

Summer Sweat is the ultimate place for companies to post jobs and people to find jobs. It’s geared towards students looking for summer jobs. Anyone can post a job and anyone can apply for one. You don’t have to have an LLC to post a job. Is your front yard turning into a safari? Post a job for someone to come mow your lawn! Do you really like yellow instead of white? Post a job for a painter! If there’s something to be done, there’s someone to do it.

The entire process is extremely simple. It only takes about a minute to post a job and you can use your existing Facebook account to log in.

Finding a summer job can be extremely difficult so I encourage you to help spread the word. Anyone can use Summer Sweat and we hope you enjoy it. You might even win a cool prize just for spreading the word.

Check Summer Sweat out Now!