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Speed Up Your iPhone: 8 Tips & Tricks

The iPhone 3GS is fast, much faster then it’s predecessor. Whether your iPhone is taking the extra second to recognize a button click or has long loading times, here are a few tips and tricks to help speed up your iPhone:

- Leave free space. Leaving around 750MB of free space allows the iPhone to create more virtual memory. - Less Email! Email downloading in the background is the number one cause of my iPhone slowness. Under settings you’ll be able to show less recent message. - Get email less often. Uhh, What? It makes sense in terms of performance, but not to the email enthusiast. Checking for mail every 5 minutes will slow down your phone’s performance. Try using something longer – hourly or manually will greatly improve the performance of your phone for you email junkies. - Delete old text messages (SMS). - Apps Apps Apps! The more apps = the more screen rendering. Remove your unused apps. - Clear Safari’s cache. You can do so under settings > safari > clear cache. - Turn off Bluetooth and or WiFi. This can also help improve battery performance. - If all else fails, try doing a reboot. Hold both buttons for a few seconds.