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Making Pickle's Roadmap Public

Making Pickle's roadmap public so anyone can see what we're working on and what features people want.
Making Pickle's Roadmap Public

One of the biggest things I always think about when looking at other companies/products is where it could go. What's next? How do they take customer feedback? When they say "thanks for the suggestion, we'll put it on the list" – do they actually do that?

With Pickle, I thought I'd scratch another itch here. Feedback is important, and when we say we'll put it on the list, we will and you can check us on that. I'm excited (and a little nervous) to share the public roadmap as a trello board. You can check it out here: Pickle Public Roadmap

If you have a trello account (they're free!) you can vote on features/enhancement on the board. It's a super useful way to share what you think should be next.

The goal of this board is to publicize features people ask for in support, ideas we have, and enhanacements coming from anywhere. I want to be transparent in what is being built for Pickle and let our customers have a say and a voice. I think this is very important.

As a small startup, Pickle gets a lot of feedback and feature requests. It's impossible to do everything, but it's important to listen to everyone and give them a voice. This is why I've decided to make this roadmap public.