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It's too "fisher price"

It's too "fisher price"

It is ridiculous. When I was growing up, some of my peers didn't like the Mac because it was "too simple" to use. These dissilutioned thoughts equated complexity as superior. They claim lack of sophistication is a bad thing. Arguments that always equate lack of complexity to being bad are lazy. I still can't get over how ridiculous that is.

What's wrong with being simple?

Nothing. Simplicity is good. I strive to build software that's simple to use. If I could, I'd make everything simpler. There's a lot of auxilery things in this world that are complex. Why make life even more busy, difficult, and complex?

Simplicity is hard. It's challenging to build simple things. In-fact, complexitity can be a sign of laziness. Taxes frustrate and confuse people. Their complexity isn't necessary.

It's not cool to work harder; it's cool to work smarter. There's nothing cool about being at work 80 hours a week. It's bad for your health, your family, your social life, and your psyche. Being cramped in an office 80 hours a week is miserable and dehumanizing. It's not something to brag about.

What matters in life? Family? Friends? Art? Culture? Food? Sports? The more complex the rest of your life is, the less time and energy you'll have to spend time on the things that matter.

Fisher Price is where it's at. Build things that are simple and easy to understand. Make complexity disappear. Don't be afraid of simple systems—they allow you freedom. Freedom of time. Spending time doing the things that don't matter isn't braggable. Having an awesome life, is.