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How Shortcuts Keyboard has saved me time

I built a little iPhone keyboard called Shortcuts Keyboard. My goal was simple: to create a custom keyboard for the iPhone that would save me time by efficiently using shortcuts.Here's how I've used it so far.

  1. Making money. I've been able to successfully store my most used referral codes in Shortcuts Keyboard. When someone is visiting and needs a trip on an uber or lyft, I can send them my referral sign up link with one tap. This has been very helpful and I've gained hundreds of dollars in uber/lyft credit from this.

  2. Parking directions to my apartment. Not all apartment complexes have easy to find parking, especially mine. However, instead of spending my time hunting and pecking for each key I can simply send them detailed parking instructions with a single tap. It's saved me a lot of time and I've made the shortcut more clear on where to park.

  3. Repetitive information. If you've ever filled out forms with repetitive information such as a unique id, your email address, or your home address, this will save you a lot of time.

  4. Sharing links for customers and clients. It's not joke that I have a lot of web sites and some are more frequently used than others. For encouraging people to sign up for Better Invoices to helping them find their orders in their dashboard on Sidestep, I've got a link for that.

  5. Color coding. Not a huge tip here, but I've dedicated one of the background colors of the numbers above for each type. Affiliate links are blue, personal things are pink/white, green are informative such as parking.

I hope you find Shortcuts Keyboard as useful as I do!

Download Shortcuts Keyboard here.