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How Realtors use Pickle

How Realtors use Pickle

Realtors are a popular subset of Pickle users. Buyers, agents, and investors are using Pickle to stay on top of things, close more deals, and be more organized. They're always networking and meeting new people; sooner or later, one of those people they've met might become a client.

For realtors, building up a database/rolodex is a huge priority, but it's not enough. Stuffing a giant rolodex with names or emails alone isn't is a good start, but it can be better. Filling it with useful information such as notes, files, and tags, makes the database more valuable. This is where Pickle becomes very valuable for realtors. Our most successful realtors take full advantage of Pickle.

rockefeller-rolodex David Rockefeller's rolodex card for Nelson Mandela.

Using tags, notes, and files help realtors stay on top of the people they meet every day. Pickle makes it dead simple to create a list of people who are looking to buy in the next 3 months, are pre-qualified, and are looking for at least 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms. Remembering important details like how they met, what they're looking for, and when they're interested in buying/selling are important key pieces of information. Keeping track of this stuff is incredibly important. It removes a ton of stress, too.

All of this data allows for realtors to create lists. Lists that show you buyers qualified for homes in certain price ranges, those looking to buy right now, and more. With Pickle's 800+ integrations, realtors are able to enrich contacts to prevent data entry, connect to their newsletter, and so much more.

Like most businesses, real estate is a numbers game. The first person you speak to isn't necessarily going to buy or sell. Building relationships and staying on top of things is very important for future success. The more contacts you talk to, the more likely one of them will be interested in buying or selling sooner or later. And when the time comes, you'll remember everything like it was yesterday โ€” even if it was 6 months ago. Using Pickle is like having a second brain.

Timelines - Keeping your contacts in the loop

Reinforcing the flow you're using is incredibly important. I'm sure you've seen it before. You and your client sit down together with some coffee. You begin talking about the steps in buying or selling a house, some of the necessary the paperwork, the requirements and then all of a sudden... you notice it. They're lost. Their eyes start glazing over. It's simply too much to remember.


Timelines solves this by putting everything in one place. They don't have to remember everything up front. Plus, it acts as a useful tool for showing them what's going to happen. It allows you to build your process into a transparent web page and share it with your clients.

It's a place where they can easily check up on things, the steps you've discussed, upload files securely, and know what's happening. Every real estate client we've talked to has said that they wouldn't want to buy or sell a house without Pickle Timelinesโ€”that's huge!

Lead Generation

Another popular topic that I'll briefly touch is Lead Generation. We've been thinking about this one a lot, and it's something that so many of our realtor clients want. The good news: We're working on this and have already launched a beta program with a zapier integration. Sign up for the newsletter (below) for future updates on this.

Pickle has become indisposable in a realtor's arsenal. We've learned a tremendous amount from our realtor customers over the last few months. For all the realtors that helped share their feedback and thoughts on this article: thank you-we couldn't have done it without you!