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Applying for the Job

Applying for the Job

I've been receiving a lot of job applications recently and they all have something in common: none of them seem to want the job and it's very rare to find someone who stands out.

I have responded to all applicants this far and after thinking about this further I've come to the realization that it was taking too much time. Now, rather than replying to each applicant I've found myself systematically archiving applicants without replying. There are too many applications that read the same way. Buzzwords and generics.

Here are a few tips that would make my job easier and make you look like the ideal candidate:

  1. Apply for the job, not a job.
  2. Write a cover letter for the job.
  3. Learn more about the company and share your interest or even ideas. Don't be scared to share what you'd love to do or work on.
  4. Understand the size of the company
  5. Ask questions and share your interest

Doing these things will increase the amount of time someone looks at your resume and therefore increasing their interest in you.

Good luck out there!