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2012 New Years Resolution

  1. Inbox 0
  • Archive and label everything. My inbox is no longer a to-do list of unread messages. In addition, I’ve been using Sparrow which makes this even easier.
  1. Keep it simple stupid
  • Less is more. Less peripherals allows me to be more mobile, but it doesn’t mean my data isn’t safe. I started using Arq instead of multiple external hard drives. It works automatically and backs up everything to the cloud. Less is simple.
  1. Less baggage
  • There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to pack a backpack, go somewhere, and have everything I need. Less is more; more is burdensome.
  • In 2011 I sold the MacBook Pro and picked up a MacBook Air.
  1. Eat breakfast at least 6/7 times a week
  • Already feeling way better. More energy, less crankiness.
  1. Eat out less & eat in more.
  • Not only is it cheaper, but cooking is a great way to de-stress.